Metro Ticket by Alejandro Magallanes + #GSM

when: June 27th, 2016

print: 10 million

Metro Ticket by Dr. Alderete + #GSM

when: October 1, 2015

print: 10 million

In 2015, Gran Salon Mexico organized a collaboration between the Secretary of Economic Development of Mexico City (SEDECO) and artist Dr. Alderete who, working under the theme of local markets, was commissioned to illustrate a special edition of the Mexico City's metro ticket. In 2016 we are collaborating again on six new metro tickets, each illustrating a different food market of the City. En June, 2016, the first collaboration came to light, illustrating market Melchor Múzquiz (located in San Angel, near the house-studio of Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera), made by artist Alejandro Magallanes.

Each ticket is printed 10 million times, being sold at the box office of each metro line.

The average daily number of passengers on the Mexico City metro is 4.5 million, so the special editions sold out quickly.

The Metro Tickets on social media use the following hashtags:
#GSM2015 #GSM2016 #metroDrAlderete #metroMagallanes

#GSM on the streets of Mexico City (CDMX)

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